Onno Fridrich, Designer, Produktentwickler 

and Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

use the #COP23- Talanoa space-

 a free open source thinktank-

Medical Use of Cannabis Sative is free,when used in patented Land- and Aqua-Farming culture. Dr. Med. Uwe Rosenkranz gives out general licence for this type of soil and water culture. It happened, that sh+t happens. Several climate zones, who did not expect this, had severe weather, fire, flood, earthquake and high frequent energy gap (Santa Rosa, California). We offer this emmidiate emergency grids with the free donation gift of 52 Templates for HAWAI-Charity fund followings.

Pls click here to order full arrangement. QR-labelled with GPS tracker Your Aquafarming weed plantage